Expert Advice

DRLC Ltd will provide expert advice on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) to your Competent Persons and Authorised Persons on the following maintenance of operational parameters:

  • BMS Control strategy
  • BMS Operation and advice on how to check controls
  • Safe change of Bag Filters in and out
  • Fan Belt checking and testing
  • Effect of dirty filters on fan performance
  • How to set up frost coil to act as a fog coil
  • Where to locate fire control panels
  • Fire and smoke damper tests to BS 15423 and BS 9999
  • Advise your Commissioning Engineers on applying appropriate standards

Provide other specialist advice on Mechanical Services malfunction and commissioning issues

Investigate copper pipe corrosion issues on Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems in either domestic or commercial premises. David has patented a methodology for resolving ‘Blue Water’ corrosion in Potable water pipes.

Provide optimisation solutions for data centres cooling requirements or electrical resilience advice.