AE Ventilation

Authorising Engineering services for ventilation

An Authorising Engineer for Ventilation in the Healthcare sector is an independent appointment to the organisation. The Authorising Engineer (Ventilation) is defined as a person designated by Management to provide independent auditing and advice on ventilation systems and to review and witness documentation on validation.

The Healthcare facility may have operational and professional responsibility for a wide range of specialist services. It is important the the Senior Operational Manager has access to robust, service specific professional support, in particular the AE (V) and AP (V).

As an Authorising Engineer for Specialist Ventilation in Healthcare Premises and LEV – Local Exhaust Ventialtion Systems, we will carry out a thorough, unbiased independent review of management systems and procedures, audits and performance monitoring of all critical plant and will make recommendations for improvements.

Duties undertaken as an Authorising Engineer include the following

  • Review Management Structure
  • Implement Management Records Log Book system
  • Pre-planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Analysis
  • Validation of the Annual Inspection and Verification Reports of ventilation systems
  • Inspection of all your critical Ventilation systems that you require for compliance
  • Expert advice on location of plant and on design of ventilation systems
  • Review and recommend ventilation project designs
  • Review of training records of Authorised Persons and Competent Persons
  • Assess the competency and recommend for appointment of on-site APs and CPs
  • Review the building management control strategy for the Air Handling Units
  • Provide advice on Safe and Efficient Operation of the Ventilation system
  • Help develop a replacement programme of works for plant replacement
  • Assist with developing the Estates Risk Register for the ventilation systems
  • Co-ordinate the investigation of serious incidents relating to ventilation systems
  • Produce an Action Plan for completion and review progress of the Actions
  • Produce an Annual Audit Report

Why is this Necessary?

“If precautions are to remain effective, the condition and performance of the system will need to be monitored.”

HSE – Approved Code of Practice and guidance

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive and HTM’s, Estate Managers need to satisfy themselves that the required processes and procedures are being implemented correctly and that they are achieving the desired risk control. This is attained by on-going auditing and performance monitoring of processes.

Results are presented in comprehensive reports which outline the measured and assessed effectiveness, efficiency and legislative compliance of the management programmes employed. Where necessary, recommendations for improvements will be provided.