What does an Authorising Engineer (AE) Pressure Systems do?

Our Pressure systems Consultants are experienced engineers competent in all aspects of Pressure Systems and the Pressure System Regulations. The Pressure System Regulations require users and owners of pressure systems to demonstrate that they know and operate these systems within Safe Operating Limits.

Acting as Authorising Engineers for Industrial Steam boilers and other Pressure Systems on behalf of the client an audit can be carried out to provide the necessary advice and support to ensure safe operation and compliance with the Pressure Systems Regulations.

What is an Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation?

An Authorising Engineer for Ventilation is a Health and Safety Risk Management role consultancy service that combines the skills found in engineering, building services and microbiology. In the UK this specialist role originally emerged from the NHS Property and Facilities Management arena, to reduce risk and improve corporate risk management and compliance processes.

What does an Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation do?

The Authorising Engineer is an Independent professional advisor whose primary role is to assist organisations in managing the risks from exposure to microbiological bacteria in engineering systems. This is done by completing non-invasive audits of ventilation equipment and to review managment systems and to provide expert advice as a critical friend to Hospital Operational mangement teams.
Our clients include several large healthcare acute Trusts and Universities. As part of our service we give clients a detailed insight into this safety role, how it can increase operational efficiencies, improve management effectiveness and reduce organisational risk. Appointing an Authorising Engineer, expert in the provision of specialist consulting advice associated with the management of Ventilation Systems to provide quality in ventilation systems, including those found in healthcare environments or local exhaust ventilation systems can improve the service provided and increase efficiencies. Our principal consultant, suitably qualified to the highest standards can be appointed by Healthcare Organisations as the Authorising Engineer (Ventilation) in accordance with the Department of Health’s HTM 03-01 and HSG258, for Local exhaust ventilation systems.

The demands of fire safety management within a Healthcare setting may sometimes require additional and often more technical resource than is available within the organisation’s management team.

DRLC Ltd can provide independent verification and audit as outlined within the remit of Authorising Engineer as outlined in Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 05 suite of documents) Fire in support of the internal Fire Safety Management team.

We can carry out a yearly independent audit of the Fire Safety Management Systems by an Authorising Engineer (Fire) to inform the Annual Statement of Fire Safety which is used to provide assurance that the organisation is conforming to the fire safety elements of Outcome 10 of the CQC National Standards. DRLC Ltd. is able to provide Authorising Engineer (Fire) services either as a discrete fire safety audit, a service to achieve a specific fire safety objective, and ad hoc source of professional fire safety help and advice or as an external reference to endorse a particular fire safety approach.

DRLC Ltd provides fire engineering capabilities combined with unsurpassed knowledge of Building Regulations Approved Document B and British Standards to enable us to advise design teams on their Fire Strategy Development.

In addition to the above we can provide all aspects of Fire Safety services including training – please contact us for more information.