David Livingstone

David Livingstone is a Chartered Engineer and Managing Director of DRLC Ltd. David founded DRLC Ltd in 2016 with a view to providing Authorising Engineering Services to healthcare providers.

Louise Webb

Louise Webb is a Chartered IT Professional and Project Director of DRLC Ltd. As Project Director Louise has helped DRLC Ltd to grow over the last 6 years and is currently studying for an MSc in Building Services Engineering at Heriot Watt University.

Melissa Livingstone

Melissa is a registered mental health nurse with varied experience in the healthcare sector. Melissa's experience ranges from working within the NHS, to working within private health sectors and forensic settings. More recently Melissa has worked with a healthcare leadership role and therefore brings a range of diverse skills to DRLC.

Hamish Livingstone

Hamish is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, with a background in pharmaceutical manufacture. Among other interests, he built and maintains the DRLC website.

Carolyne Chapman

Carolyne is our Customer Service Manager. She has over ten years experience working across the NHS, from Primary Care to Emergency Care in GP practices and hospitals. She has also worked within administration and secretarial teams, as well as customer service.

Elen McKeever Garay

Elen is currently working with us to complete her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. She already has experience in graphic design and illustration. She is also bilingual, being a native speaker of both Spanish and English. Please contact Elen for all marketing enquiries.

Harry Evans

Harry is an independent IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer Water AE(W) and an Authorising Engineer Ventilation AE(V) with the SVHSoc specialising in Healthcare. He has over 40 years’ experience of Estates and Maintenance management the last 20 years specialising within Healthcare and the wider public and commercial sectors. Harry is also chairman of the Estates NHS Northern Training Advisory Group (TAG).

Gary Chu

Gary has over 25 years experience in engineering, having worked both in Hong Kong and the UK. He has participated in the stages of design, installation and maintenance on Building Services, especially in HVAC systems.

John Lunt

John has over 50 years experience working within Mechanical Engineering. He has worked both in the UK and worldwide. John also founded and managed the Future Foundation Skill Centre, where he provided training for young adults with lifestyle problems and gave further education. As a hobby, he makes cigar box guitars and encourages people with mental health problems to play.

Edward Wright

As an Authorising Engineer, Edward's main responsibility is Pressure Systems. He has over 25 year’s experience in design and construction and has worked in a variety of sectors including Healthcare, Education, Commercial and Civil & MOD.

Rob Sunshine

Rob has worked for over 35 years in the fire sector.
He worked for Essex Fire Service for 30 years and ended his career in the Fire Safety department working with private businesses and healthcare premises, including large NHS hospitals, to ensure compliance with the relevant fire legislation.

David Butler

David is lead auditor and hugely respected consultant within the Fire Safety industry. He has gained vast experience of the Healthcare sector during the last 15 years as the Fire Safety Manager of one of the country’s largest hospital Trust/Organisation/Organisation and his work in recent years as Consultant and Authorising Engineer (Fire Safety).