AE Fire Services

The demands of fire safety management within a Healthcare setting may sometimes require additional and often more technical resource than is available within the organisation’s management team.

DRLC can provide independent verification and audit as outlined within the remit of Authorising Engineer (AE) – Fire with particular Healthcare Fire Safety expertise to assist the fire safety management team. Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) Fire recognises the need for such additional skilled resource and describes the role of an AE Fire in support of the fire safety adviser. Independent verification and audit is outlined in HTM Fire in support of the internal Healthcare Fire Safety Management which includes a yearly independent audit of the Fire Safety system.

The Firecode recommends a yearly independent audit of the fire safety management system by an Authorising Engineer (Fire) to inform the Annual Statement of Fire Safety which is used to provide assurance that the organisation is conforming to the fire safety elements of Outcome 10 of the CQC National Standards. Unique and challenging situations particular to the Healthcare Environment may require an analytical Fire Engineering approach which may be beyond the scope of the in-house resources.

DRLC has vast experience in providing Authorising Engineer (Fire) services either as a discrete fire safety audit, a service to achieve a specific fire safety objective, and ad-hoc source of professional fire safety help and advice or as an external reference to endorse a particular fire safety approach.

DRLC has an unsurpassed knowledge of Building Regulations Approved Document B and British Standards within the healthcare environment. DRLC undertake design reviews of Projects, New Works, and Refurbishments in relation to compliance with fire safety regulations.

AE Pressure Systems Services

Our Authorising Engineers – Pressure Systems (AE – PS) are experienced engineers competent in all aspects of Pressure Systems and the Pressure System Regulations (JSP 375, Volume 3). The Pressure System Regulations require users and owners of pressure systems to demonstrate that they know and operate these systems within Safe Operating Limits. Our AE – PS are experienced in auditing Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) for Pressure Systems.

To help you comply with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations DRLC Ltd will audit your management systems and check that all persons are competent to carry out their duties. DRLC Ltd will advise you whether the systems have been designed and installed in compliance with relevant standards and the manufacturers requirements. DRLC Ltd will ensure that the equipment and systems operate within their Safe Operation Limits and in compliance with manufacturers requirements. As part of services offered, DRLC Ltd will check that you have suitable Written Schemes of Examination in place for all Pressure Systems that fall under the Regulations, and that inspections are carried out in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination.

DRLC Ltd has engineers with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in all aspects of Pressure Systems and the Regulations and can act as Authorising Engineer on behalf of the Client to provide the necessary advice and support to ensure safe compliance of the regulations.

DRLC Ltd will provide appropriately qualified, experienced and competent engineers who will take on the responsibility for the management of a safe system as recommended by the “Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) for Healthcare Premises and for other Pressure Systems”

AE Ventilation Services

Our Authorising Engineers – Ventilation (AE – V) are experienced engineers competent in all aspects of ventilation systems and the associated regulations. The Pressure System Regulations require that the role of Authorising Engineer for Ventilation is an independent appointment to the organisation. 

The Authorising Engineer (Ventilation) is defined as a person designated by management to provide independent auditing and advice on ventilation systems and to review and witness documentation on validation.

DRLC Ltd can provide Authorising Engineer services for specialist ventilation in healthcare premises and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. We will carry out a thorough, unbiased independent review of management systems and procedures, audits and performance monitoring of all critical plant and will make recommendations for improvements. 

Results are presented in comprehensive reports which outline the measured and assessed effectiveness, efficiency and legislative compliance of the management programmes employed. Where necessary, recommendations for improvements will be provided.

AE Water

As an Authorising Engineer for Water in Healthcare Premises we will carry out a thorough, unbiased independent review of management systems and procedures, audits and performance monitoring of all water systems and will make recommendations for improvements.

Duties undertaken as an Authorising Engineer – Water include the following:

  • Review Management Structure
  • Audit Management Records Log Book system
  • Pre-planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Analysis
  • Validation of the Water Safety Plan (WSP)
  • Annually develop an Action Plan for completion and review progress of the Actions
  • Produce an Annual Audit Report
  • Attendance at Water Safety Group (WSG) meetings
  • Inspection of a sample of the site Water systems
  • Expert advice on location of pipework and plant and on design of Water Systems
  • Review and recommend Water Project designs
  • Review of training records of Authorised Persons and Competent Persons
  • Assess the competency and recommend for appointment of on-site APs
  • Review the building management control strategy for the Water Systems
  • Provide advice on Safe and Efficient Operation of the Water Systems including advice on prevention of Legionella
  • Help develop a programme of works for Water Systems replacement
  • Assist with developing the Estates Risk Register for Water Systems
  • Participate in the investigation of serious incidents relating to Water Systems including outbreaks of Legionella

Expert Advice

DRLC Ltd will provide expert advice on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) to your Competent Persons and Authorised Persons on the following maintenance of operational parameters:

  • BMS Control strategy
  • BMS Operation and advice on how to check controls
  • Safe change of Bag Filters in and out
  • Fan Belt checking and testing
  • Effect of dirty filters on fan performance
  • How to set up frost coil to act as a fog coil
  • Where to locate fire control panels
  • Fire and smoke damper tests to BS 15423 and BS 9999
  • Advise your Commissioning Engineers on applying appropriate standards

Provide other specialist advice on Mechanical Services malfunction and commissioning issues