AE Fire

Authorising Engineering Services for Fire

The demands of fire safety management within a Healthcare setting may sometimes require additional and often more technical resource than is available within the organisation’s management team.

DRLC Ltd can provide independent verification and audit as outlined within the remit of Authorising Engineer (AE) – Fire with particular Healthcare Fire Safety expertise to assist the fire safety management team. Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) Fire recognises the need for such additional skilled resource and describes the role of an AE Fire in support of the fire safety adviser. Independent verification and audit is outlined in HTM Fire in support of the internal Healthcare Fire Safety Management which includes a yearly independent audit of the Fire Safety system.

The Firecode recommends a yearly independent audit of the fire safety management system by an Authorising Engineer (Fire) to inform the Annual Statement of Fire Safety which is used to provide assurance that the organisation is conforming to the fire safety elements of Outcome 10 of the CQC National Standards. Unique and challenging situations particular to the Healthcare Environment may require an analytical Fire Engineering approach which may be beyond the scope of the in-house resources.

DRLC Ltd has vast experience in providing Authorising Engineer (Fire) services either as a discrete fire safety audit, a service to achieve a specific fire safety objective, and ad hoc source of professional fire safety help and advice or as an external reference to endorse a particular fire safety approach.

DRLC Ltd provides HTM Fire strategy capabilities combined with unsurpassed knowledge of Building Regulations Approved Document B, and British Standards within the healthcare environment.

Our services include all aspects of Fire Safety – please enquire if you wish to discuss other Fire Safety Services.

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