AE Pressure Systems

Authorising Engineering services for Pressure Systems

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 requires the users and owners of pressure systems to demonstrate that they know and operate these systems within the Safe Operating Limits.

Examples of Pressure Systems include High Pressure Water Tube Steam Boilers, Triple Pass Economic Steam boilers, Waste Heat Units, Packaged Steam Boilers, Autoclaves and other Steam plant and equipment, Medium Temperature Hot Water systems designed for operating above 110⁰ C, Compressed air vessels and systems greater than 250 bar litre plus refrigeration systems (Vapour Compressed) greater than 25kW.

To help you comply with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations David Livingstone will audit your management systems and check that all persons are competent to carry out their duties. He will advise you whether the systems have been designed and installed in compliance with relevant standards and the manufacturers requirements and ensure that the equipment and systems operates within their Safe Operation Limits and with compliance with manufacturers requirements. As part of his duties he will check that you have suitable Written Schemes of Examination in place for all Pressure Systems that fall under the Regulations, and that inspections are carried out in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination.

David Livingstone has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in all aspect of Pressure Systems and the Regulations and can act as Authorising Engineer on behalf of the Client to provide the necessary advice and support to ensure safe compliance of the regulations.

An Authorising Engineer for Pressure Systems is an appointment to the organisation and enables the users and owners of pressure systems to be confident that the requirement of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 is adhered to and demonstrates that they know and operate these systems within the Safe Operating Limits.
David is an appropriately qualified, experienced and competent individual who takes on the responsibility for the management of a safe system as recommended by the “Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) for Healthcare Premises and for other Pressure Systems ”

Services provided by our Authorising Engineer include:

  • Review and witness documentation on validation of the Annual Inspection and Verification Reports of pressure systems
  • Carry out Independent Inspection of pressure systems
  • Provide Expert advice on the design of “as installed” pressure systems
  • Manage revalidation of Authorised Persons and Competent Persons
  • Review of training records and assessment for appointment of on-site APs and CPs
  • Conduct technical investigations into adverse incidents and engineering system failures