David Butler

David is lead auditor and hugely respected consultant within the Fire Safety industry. He has gained vast experience of the Healthcare sector during the last 15 years as the Fire Safety Manager of one of the country’s largest hospital Trust/Organisation/Organisation and his work in recent years as Consultant and Authorising Engineer (Fire Safety).

David has been involved in the Fire industry for over 47 years starting his career as a Local Authority Fire Service Firefighter in 1976 and working his way up to the rank of District Officer in 2005, A large part of his Fire Service career has been involved with fire safety implementation measures and the enforcement of fire safety legislation. His comprehensive experience includes working on a wide variety of building types and occupancies, and he has a proven track record in the areas fire safe design review and the development, dissemination and implementation of organisational fire safety policy.


Rob Sunshine

Rob has worked for over 35 years in the fire sector.

He worked for Essex Fire Service for 30 years and ended his career in the Fire Safety department working with private businesses and healthcare premises, including large NHS hospitals, to ensure compliance with the relevant fire legislation.

During his last 10 years, he worked in the Fire Safety department, enforcing the Fire Safety Order in 4 districts within Essex.
His role also included being the fire safety liaison officer for two large hospitals & a large international airport.

Since retiring from the Service in March 2018, Rob’s main role has been carrying out fire risk assessments for premises that fall within the scope of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
His other roles have been:

  • Delivering fire marshal training
  • Developing fire emergency plans
  • Consultancy relating to occupational capacities and means of escape for corporate events,
  • Carrying out assessments for clients prior to Fire Service Audits to establish compliance with Approved Document B,
  • Fire door surveys