DRLC stands with Ukraine

Democracy, peace and freedom are not just words but the most fundamental values of society.

We know and still painfully remember the price of freedom and at this moment, we stand with Ukraine.

DRLC have had a Directors meeting and agreed that we will sponsor a Ukrainian refugee using the UK Government scheme.


Happy New Year

It has been a pleasure to serve you -our customers- throughout 2021. Thank you for trusting us to deliver for you. We are looking forward to a 2022 filled with many new opportunities to work together. Happy New Year.

Nuffield Health

Here at DRLC Ltd. we are proud to have collaborated with Nuffield Health to ensure that ventilation systems follow industry best practices, to ensure the safety of gym-goers. Follow the link below to learn more.

Within Nuffield Health, we collaborated with our Consultant Microbiologist, the Hospital Infection Prevention teams, our Ventilation Authorising Engineer and the Property Department, to ensure that the ventilation systems in all our gyms operate according to HSE and government guidelines.

How we can continue staying safe in the gym | Nuffield Health